Frequently Asked Questions


GoParkr is a platform that allows real estate spot owners with underutilized parking spots to be able to rent them out to drivers who are on the lookout for Monthly Parking. Hourly, Daily, Overnight, and Weekly options are coming soon! So stay tuned!

The team is currently working to make hourly parking into a reality. Stay tuned!

Feel free to shoot us an email at and we would be more than happy to answer it for you!


You can simply download our mobile app and search for parking at your destination address. After you’ve found an ideal parking spot, you can make a booking. Once you’ve received the final booking confirmation when the spot owner approves your booking request, you are good to go! Park stress-free with GoParkr at your newly leased spot.

The amount you see is the amount you pay. GoParkr prices already include GST/PST. You will only ever pay GST/PST on the service fee part of the booking, which is 9%. This service fee goes towards invoicing, customer service, and payment processing from Stripe. It also allows us to eat (sometimes we have to) and keep the electricity flowing. Our computers and servers don’t seem to be working without it.

If you need more time, please contact customer success at and specify the parking spot address and ending month. If you overstay you risk the chance or your car being ticketed or removed from the property.

Except when spot owner has agreed to a later end time/date or extended the parking booking period, the driver will be liable to pay for any additional time stayed. If the driver overstays they will be liable for prorated daily rate from the monthly rate. Any day under a full day will be charged as 1 full day. A $35 penalty charge to GoParkr for administrative processes. The parking spot owner shall authorize GoParkr to collect payment of any additional fees from the drive on behalf of the spot owner such as towing fees, municipal or private parking fines. GoParkr has full discretion about whether any fees or fines will be applied for driver’s overstays. GoParkr’s decision will be final.

A standard booking normally takes 6 - 18 hours to get approved. We notify the owner as soon as the booking request is made however owners could be busy and confirm when they get back home. If after 48 hours, there is still no response from the owner the booking request will be automatically canceled and you can request for a new spot.

You’ll be prompted once you’ve selected a parking spot to rent for the first time. You can securely link your credit card. 100% of our payment processing is done using Stripe, the world’s #1 mobile payment processor with PCI compliance and secure communication.

Don’t worry if your parking spot is declined, we won't take any payment from you. Don’t stress about it and try another spot. There is plenty of fish in the ocean.

In case you didn’t have time to give the parking owner 1-month notice. Don’t worry, we understand things change so you will only have to pay a maximum of 1 month worth of payment or the remainder of the booking session if it is less than 1 month. On the flip side, all parking owners are also required to give you at least 1-month notice in advance if they plan on canceling the parking session early.

As soon as the booking is confirmed, you will receive an email regarding the confirmed booking and its details. You can log in to your mobile app, and go to bookings, then choose a specifically confirmed booking. You can see the spot address, access instructions, and parking owners contact details.

Once the booking has been confirmed, we will exchange the driver and parking owner's contact details. You can then contact the parking owner directly to arrange a meeting and exchange the device. We suggest you contact the parking owner as soon as the booking is confirmed.

Please hand over the access device on the last day of the booking. We understand that this may not always be possible, so do have a 2 day grace period. In case the access device is still not returned to the parking owner in 2 days, you risk being fined and banned from the GoParkr platform.

Spot Owners

Wait a minute, can you hear Frank Sinatra sing “The Best Things In Life Are Free”? Well, it is completely free to sign up for GoParkr. Yep, you got it. Simply sign up using your Google, Facebook account or create your own using your email. List your parking spot, and connect your bank account to get paid. Then sit back and relax, because GoParkr will start to work its magic. As soon as we find interested drivers, we will let you know via email and in-app notifications.

  1. Let drivers know about your spot

    Website: Login and go to the “Rent Your Spot” page, enter address and details of your spot.
    Mobile App: Login and click “Share My Spot”, enter address and details of your spot.

  2. Add photos of your parking spot

    Parking spots with photos receive 3X more bookings! Please add at least one photo of the entrance from the street to the space and one close up photo of the spot itself to help drivers easily find your spot.

  3. Add instructions in "Description"

    • Tell the driver why they should book your spot (i.e. close to downtown core)
    • Make sure to include the availability if it is not 24/7 (i.e. Mon – Fri 9AM-5PM)
    • Provide instructions that will guide the driver to find and access your parking spot (i.e. directions to the spot, code for security gate, parking spot number if the spot is located in a lot with more than 1 parking spot)

  4. Choose your rate

    • This is the price you will receive as the payout, we charge 0% commission from the spot owners.
    • We do charge a booking fee from the driver. In case you are not sure what price to set for your spot, check out My Spot Worth.

Setting the right price is an important aspect of becoming a successful spot owner on GoParkr, but it is also the toughest and most frequently asked question we receive. We strongly recommend setting your pricing to be 50-75% the price of the nearest off-street parking lot. We are currently working on providing insights and pricing suggestion based on your parking spot location, availability, amenities, and walkability to popular venues.

It is free to sign up and list your space with GoParkr, and it always will be! To help operate the GoParkr platform including services like customer support and payment processing, we charge a fee when a booking is confirmed. The fee is approximately 3.5% of your listing price.

This is a feature we are currently working on. Please check back later for updates. For now, you can arrange a key deposit when you meet the driver to exchange access fob or key.

  1. It is the easy and stress-free way of making extra cash

    GoParkr is designed to make life easier for everyone. When you manage your spots’ booking through the GoParkr app or website, you know you'll find everything in one place - and if you need any help, it's easy for us to access all relevant details to resolve the issue.

  2. You benefit from our Driver Cancellation Policy

    Accepting payment though GoParkr means you are protected by our refund policy. Problem rarely arises, but it is important that we can provide a payout for certain months even if the driver decides to cancel early or give little notice period.

  3. More bookings plus secure regular payouts for you

    At GoParkr, we are constantly improving our service. This means bringing drivers more parking spots to choose from, making renting out your parking spot with minimal work or management. More spots attract more drivers which means more drivers renting your spot. Plus receive regular payouts on time directly to your bank account every month.

    Please let us know via if a driver asks to pay you offline.

You don’t need to be at home when the driver arrives. So long as you have provided the driver with simple instructions on how to access your space and clear photos of the spot. In case the driver has difficulties with accessing your spot, they may call you, so be sure to have a mobile number on your GoParkr account that is up to date.

When listing a spot explain how the driver will get a hold of the fob or key in the “Description”. Make sure to check the “Fob Required”.

Once a booking is agreed, you can simply contact the driver to arrange a meeting to exchange your access device. Please arrange the meeting before the booking starts so the driver can get access to your spot.

Of course! The driver will send your booking request. You will get an email notification to go to our web application to approve or decline these requests. You will see who the guest is and when do they want to park in order to better decide whether to approve ode decline the request.

Keep an eye out for booking request emails. Not answering requests from drivers within 48 hours will leade to the request timeout and cancel itself. Be sure to monitor your email and notifications regularly to increase your spot owner rating, status, and earnings!

You can set up direct deposit by going too “Payout” on the mobile app or web app, and confirm your banking details. Your earning will be automatically transferred to you directly at the beginning of the month. It can take from 1 to 10 business days for the money to appear on your bank account.

We do allow spot owners to cancel the booking. We understand that things happen, but we strongly encourage spot owners to not cancel booking except if they have absolutely no other options. If a spot owner does decide to cancel they can simply reach out to our customer success team at with which the parking spot address, driver’s name, the reason for canceling, last month the spot will be used.

Each time a spot owner cancels an already accepted booking, a small penalty will be charged to spot owners. If the cancellation occurs 1 months to 12 days before the start of the booking, $30 penalty will be charged as the penalty. If the spot owners cancel 11 days to 4 days before the start of a booking, $70 will be charged as the penalty. If the spot owner cancels less than 3 days before the start of a booking, $100 will be charged as the penalty.

We request parking owners to provide 1 month’s notice to the driver, in order to avoid any penalty.

Although this could be obvious, just to be clear when a spot owner cancels, they will not be receiving any earning from the booking they have canceled. The driver of the canceled booking will receive a full refund.

Good news! Parking owners are protected. In the event of a driver canceling a parking spot, the parking owner can receive up to 1 month worth of payment or the remainder of the booking if the end date is less than 1 months away.

Usually yes. If the driver cancels within the 1 month before the start date of the booking, you will be paid the first month of the booking. You should still provide the driver access to your spot for the first month, and it should give you enough time to find another driver interested In your spot after the first month.

If the driver cancels 1 month or more before the start date of the booking, the spot owner will not receive any payout from that canceled booking and does not have to give access to the driver that canceled the booking.

Please allow a grace period for the driver to move the car in case they are running behind and treat the driver like a friend or neighbor who may have parked in your spot. You also have the option to contact the driver via phone or email. If the driver does not return to move the car after an extended amount of time, you can contact GoParkr customer success team at with a photo of the car and visible license plate. We will determine the best course of action from there.

Absolutely, you can contact us via our support email address at

GoParkr advises that parking owners seek independent, expert advice regarding their financial taxation liability.

When leasing your parking spot, you do so on your own accord. We recommend you contact your insurance provider directly. Each insurance policy is different and it is good practice to clarify what your insurance provider covers. Once you feel comfortable, then proceed to list with GoParkr. Nevertheless, in most cases, you won't need to do much, as you'll already be covered.